Additional information (e.g. institutions, itineraria): Studies: during 1591-93 studied philosophy in the Jesuit collegium of Braunsberg, in 1601 graduated from the Faculty of Theology of Vilnius university. Professional activity: prominent philosopher, jesuit theologian, professor at Vilnius university and Nyasvizh (theology), published some religous treatises.
Language(s) of text: Latin
Coverage: Early 17th century
Subject: Course of scholastic logic. It is one of the earliest philosophical courses that is still extant. Much attention is given to the problem of universal and the Aristotelian division to ten categories.
Connected manuscripts/books: To be checked
Secondary literature: To be checked
Contact person: Živilė Pabijutaitė
Pages from: 1
Pages to: 458
Date: 1605-06
Library: VUB
Title/incipit: Logica. Two parts: 1) In universam Aristotelis philosophiam prooemium, 1-42; 2) Logica (42-458: 2.1)Disputatio de decundo actu intellectus, 302-338; 2.2) Disputatio de scientia, 339-458.
Lived from: 1569.VIII
Lived to: 1635.VIII.28
Relevance for project (low 1 - 5 high): 3
Copyright/legal status: To be checked
Signature: F3 - 2067
Physical description: Manuscript
Place: F3 - 2067
Creator(s): Bartilius Laurentius

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